About Us

SERVICIOS DE INVESTIGACIÓN MARÍTIMOS, S.L. (SIM), was established in 1998 based on the philosophy of integral safety and service that has always characterised us as independent surveyors.
Since then, the main objective of SIM has consisted in the control and follow-up of all the problems that might arise as a consequence of accidents suffered, in transit, by goods anywhere whether in sea, inland or air transport.

Basically, SIM’s action focuses on the following:

  • We offer our services to P&I Clubs, Shipowners, Charterers and other entities involved in the maritime and ground transportation.
  • Prevention of damages and conflict resolution, effectively and minimizing costs.
  • Advice and accident prevention prior to any shipment.
  • Rapid and efficient action wherever the accident has taken place so as to minimise losses.
  • A compilation of all the pertinent documentation in order to establish possible causes, responsibilities, etc

This is an area of expertise for SIM, that faced with a loss, damage and/or loss, strictly checks the following:

  • Immediate attention
  • Inspection and Guidance “In Situ”
  • Scope of the Accident
  • Assessment of The Incident
  • Determination of the Cause, Origin and Extent of the Damages
  • Medical Assistance to Crewmembers
  • Damages Caused to or by the Vessel; Contamination and Sanctions; General Average and Valuation
  • Cargo Damages and Losses
  • Legal Assistance.
  • Compilation and Perusal of the Documents to be Attached to our Customer’s Report
  • Customer Advice for Improved Fulfilment ff His Duties before Other Third Parties
  • Monitoring and control of the incident

These services include, logically, all types of cargoes: bulks cargo, steel products, wood, chemical products, paper, containers, general cargo, frozen cargo, etc.

The complexity and variety of the trade relations between the different, and sometimes conflicting, estates and interests (Insurers, P&I Clubs, Shippers, Manufacturers, Consignees, etc.), require equanimity, honesty and balance that, supported by our professional training, allow our facing any eventuality.

We are encouraged by our spirit of service. Our only aim is reaching the maximum prestige in our area of expertise.

In SIM, the human factor is guarantee of safety and efficacy.


  • 1999 - M.V. URUNDI – Collision with M.T. ECE K
  • 1999 - M.V. LOTUS – Main engine blackout
  • 1999 - M.V. MONAGAS II - Damages to Auxiliary Engines Allegedly caused by Defective Diesel
  • 2000 - Tuna Vessel MATXIKORTA & R.V. KASTOR I – Damage to Frozen Tuna during Transhipment
  • 2000 - M.V. FRET SOLOGNE – Cargo Shifting
  • 2001 - M.V. W. H. BLOUNT - Grounding at Punta Venado. Deferred repairs of Bottom damages
  • 2001 - Damage repairs from alleged collision between M.T. GENMAR GEORGE and M.V. SC BREEZE in SW pass Mississippi
  • 2001 - Collision between M.T. " IRAN NESA" and M.V. "FYODOR VARAKSIN"
  • 2002 - M.V. ALEJANDRO I - Heavy bottom damages resulting from grounding
  • 2002 - R.V. RAMBYNAS - Tuna cargo damages to a Parcel of Frozen Tuna Fish transhipped from tuna vessel Ex. SANT YAGO UNO
  • 2002 - M.V. SEA PROGRESS - Shifted cargo damages and jettisoned cargo by the crew due to heavy weather
  • 2002 - M.T. PRESTIGE - Hull fracture in south lane in TSS Finisterre, 27 nm off Galician coast and finally split in two and sank approx 133 nm west of Galician coast and subsequent large fuel oil spill and environmental disaster
  • 2003 - M.V. D.M. SPIRIDON – Alleged Sea Oil Contamination
  • 2003 - M.T. CHELSEA - Collision with shore loading arms
  • 2004 - M.V. NS BENEFACTOR - In Voyage from Marin to Ferrol port, SPAIN passing through ITZ of Finisterre TSS
  • 2004 - M.V. STAR HANSA– Discharging 690 Crates (8,488.35 MT) of Clear Float Glass shipped from Qinhuangdao, China
  • 2004 - R.V. OCEANIC ICE – Damages to a parcel of frozen tuna, transhipped from tuna vessel “GERMON” in Abidjan, Ivory Coast
  • 2005 - M.V. MAJESTIC PESCADORES - Shifted sawn timber deck cargo and Alleged damage by Salt Water to a parcel of Steel, General cargo and Wood Products due to a leak in hatch covers during heavy weather
  • 2005 - R.V. BRAZILIAN REEFER - Injury of a wiper hit by a taxi at Marin 19/04/05, been hospitalized in Miguel Dominguez Hospital, Pontevedra,
  • 2005 - M.V. VICTORIABORG - Alleged damages to a parcel of 9,088.5 MT of Clear Float Glass in Metal End-Caps
  • 2005 - M.V. ILYA - Loose & Jettisoning of Deck Cargo During Heavy Weather Arriving to Refuge Port at La Coruña
  • 2006 - M.V. BRAGA - Wet Damage to Woodpulp in Hold due to Rain and hatch covers travelling gantry crane failure. Ribadeo port
  • 2006 - LPG SIGAS EILDON - Fire Damage to Main Engine. Ferrol Exterior Refuge port
  • 2007 - M.V. MERCINI LADY - Discharging Gas Oil at Ferrol
  • 2007 - M.V. OSTEDIJK – Fertilizer NPK 15-15-15 (6012MT). Heat decomposition hold #2. Harmful / toxic fumes entering on the E/R. Requested port of refuge at La Coruña port
  • 2007 - M.V. TIMBERSTONE - Cargo shift of Timber on deck and partial loss overboard during heavy weather, Port of Refuge Celeiro port
  • 2007 - R.V. COAL GLORY - Discharging hot rolled steel wire rods in coils, La Coruña
  • 2008 - M.V. “EDGAR LEHMAN” Discharge & Damage to 10.000 MT of Cargo of Float Glass at La port, NW SPAIN on 18/01/08
  • 2008 - M.V. PHANTOM - Deck cargo shift & loss overboard to sea during heavy weather, Ferrol
  • 2008 - M.V. AGIA SOFIA - Off-Hire Bunkers & Redelivery Basis DLOSP to her owner in LC on 16/01/08
  • 2008 - M.V. WOLTHUSEN - Alleged cargo shift during heavy weather. Entered in Sheltered Waters at Ria del Barquero and Re-stowing at La Coruña
  • 2008 - M.V. BBC LOUISIANA - Shifting of cargo at Vilagarcia port
  • 2009 - R.V. BRAGA - Abandoned ship La Coruña
  • 2009 - M.V. MEYNELL- Alleged Illegal Spill at Mediterranean Sea. Pollution Report at Ferrol port
  • 2010 - M.V. KEA - Heavy Listing and Sinking off La Coruña
  • 2010 - M.V. RHODANUS - Alleged Spillage on Biscay Waters
  • 2010 - M.V. DANICA RED - Oil Spill at Ferrol Port
  • 2010 - M.V. NORTH SPIRIT - Timber deck cargo shifted, crew evacuated and finally sank 55 miles to North of Ortegal cape
  • 2010 - MV CHINA FROST –PCS inspection / MOU administrative disciplinary proceeding demand for security at Ribeira port
  • 2011 - M.V. BELUGA SINGAPORE - Pre-loading & Lashing Survey of a Barge stowed on deck at Ferrol Port
  • 2011 - M.V. FRACHTIS - Main engine damages at La Coruña and Ferrol repairs
  • 2011 - M.V. INVIKEN - Grain Stability at Coruña
  • 2011 - R.R. ENVOY - On-Hire & Condition at Vilagarcia
  • 2011 - M.V. ESTESKY - Report into the Collision between the Spanish registered Fishing Vessel ”TABAR” and the Malta registered General Cargo Ship ”ESTESKY” at the Entrance Channel off La Coruña Port, on October 5th 2011
  • 2012 - Corbeta/Patrullera JASIRI - Estado técnico actual Astilleros Gondan, Castropol 03/05/12
  • 2012 - M.V. FALCON V - Shipyard Repairs to Pontoon at La Coruña
  • 2012 - M.V. BEAUFORCE - Steel Preload, tally & lashing surveys at La Coruña
  • 2012 - M.V. RIA DE VIGO - Condition survey at Vigo
  • 2012 - Tug SUN ESSEX - Tow partly broken/sunk/ barge FRISIUS partly wrecked at Ferrol
  • 2012 - M.V. GREEN SELJE - Alleged damage to tuna at La Puebla
  • 2013 - M.V. OXL AVATAR - Port of Refuge La Coruña due to Heavy Weather. UPS Electric Box collapsed.
  • 2013 - M.V. CAPRI - Damage to Yachts, port of refuge Coruña
  • 2013 - M.V. DANIELA B - Collapsed CNT during voyage. Vilagarcia
  • 2013 - M.V. GENCO PREDATOR - Deck Crane Rope broken by stevedores at La Coruña O.P.
  • 2013 - M.V. CHINA FROST - PSC MOU inspection & proceeding to Ribeira
  • 2013 - M.V. DON INDA - Condition survey at Corcubión
  • 2014 - M.V. IKAN JEPUN - Timber deck cargo overboard at Ferrol
  • 2014 - M.V. MONTELAURA - Condition Survey at Vigo port
  • 2014 - M.V. VECTIS FALCON - Preloading & Lashing Survey of Windmill Parts at Ferrol
  • 2014 - M.V. HIGH POWER - Damage on her stb side shell plate & repairs at Navantia Ferrol
  • 2014 - M.V. GREEN KARMOY - Tuna fish rejected at Puebla
  • 2015 - M.V. HANJIN SINES - Deceased Stevedore at Ferrol Outer Port
  • 2015 - M.V. NBP VOYAGER - Timber deck cargo lost overboard at Corcubión
  • 2015 - M.T. SEAPRINCE - Discharge in La Coruña a Lot of Maya Crude Oil. ROB survey and assist with documentation/procedures


D. Aniceto Cabado González

SIM Director
Merchant Master Marine

D. Carlos Prado Mateos

Marine Engineer

Dña. María Castro Sanmartín

Claims Handler
English Philologist